Opportunities NOT In Recession

Despite the economic slowdown opportunities present themselves in every recession, and for online data back-up specialists DataBackup.ie business is booming!

In fact through Direct Sales, the Irish Channel, big business and government bodies, they secured €520,000 worth of new contracts in January alone. Last year, Data Backup continued to make significant investment in its state-of-the-art Backup Cloud which is spread across Ireland's leading data centers. The move has greatly paid off, as Data Backup's channel offering has allowed the company to capture a majority share of the ICT Channel, growing at a rate of 30 partners a month. In an effort to recession-proof their own business Data Backup adapted their sales strategy and focus to target business sectors that excel in recession.

Sometimes spending money during a recession is the right thing to do; wise companies know they must properly protect their digital information in order to flourish in future years.


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