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Unitrends unites backup, DR management
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SMB backup and DR vendor Unitrends has released version 4.0 of its RapidRecovery management software for its Data Protection Unit disk-to-disk backup ...
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Longmont Daily Times-Call

Ongoing concerns
Longmont Daily Times-Call - Longmont,CO,USA
American Honda Motor Co. also considered the latter in deciding to build a $25 million, 61000-square-foot backup data center on Clover Basin Drive. ...
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Unitrends Delivers Exceptional Centralized Management Capabilities ...
MarketWatch - USA
It allows users to run on-demand backups or scheduled backup strategies for all clients and for all Unitrends' Data Protection Units (DPUs) and Data ...
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Iron Mountain Data Products Outsources Sales and Use Tax ...
MarketWatch - USA
More customer case studies and other information are available online: Iron Mountain Data Products is a spin-off of ...
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Small Business Tips: Online Backup: Do I want this?
By George Bardissi
Since online and off site backup has gained great popularity, it has become pretty inexpensive for what you get and gives your company an extra layer of data backup redundancy. Because there are an incredible number of data backup ...
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Best Practices for VMware Data Backup and Recovery Design
(Source: Data Domain) The benefits of virtualized environments often come at the cost of extra storage, backup resources and administrative challenges. Data Domain deduplication storage offers a way out by reducing redundant data across ...
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Online Data Backup Business
By Pinay Mom in Czech Republic(Pinay Mom in Czech Republic)
You distribute our industry leading Remote Backup Client software to your customers, and they back up to RBS' data centers. You maintain your own customer relationships, determine your own end-user pricing, and distribute software with ...
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Data Backup Suggestions
By Sheepdisease
My first reaction was to backup all my important data onto two different hard drives. What I am looking to achive: I want to create a system which is almost completely fail safe. I shall use the R: drive to store my documents in a ...
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LaCie releases 6TB RAID data back-up solution
By Barry
LaCie releases 6TB RAID data back-up solution Gizmag, Australia - 6 hours ago For instance, the 4big Quadra enables digital content creators to work on multiple HD video streams or to manage RAW photos libraries with live effects.
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