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Only 35% Of Oracle Users Continuously Monitor For Suspicious Activity
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
Encryption features generally may be applied to database tables as data is stored i8n them and Secure Backup guarantees that only encrypted data flows out ...
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Storage solution speeds retailer's app rollouts - Southborough,MA,USA
With an increase in the amount of data, back up and recovery activities -- without disrupting the business -- were becoming challenges. ...
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De-dupe inches into VTL backup
Infostor magazine - Tulsa,OK,USA
The DXi3500 uses Quantum’s data de-duplication technology to increase the amount of backup data users can retain on disk. Quantum claims the data ...
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SSD flash drives enter the enterprise
Infostor magazine - Tulsa,OK,USA
The new RamSan-440 uses RAID-protected NAND flash memory modules for data backup and is the first system to incorporate Texas Memory’s patented IO 2 ...
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Data De-dupe: An answer to efficient data management
CIOL - Bangalore,Karnataka,India
The need to backup data from remote offices with the same level of protection as provided at headquarters while having less time to carry out the backup has ...
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Battening Down Your Business for Disaster
U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC,USA
Even with a backup battery, there's still the matter of backing up your files. If you have a lot of data, using a storage service can be costly. ...
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Virtual server backups prone to failure, survey finds
InfoWorld - San Francisco,CA,USA
About 57 percent back up data twice -- once for full system recovery and once for file and folder recovery. Nearly half the survey respondents are not using ...
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Whitepaper: Data backup: protecting your most valuable asset - UK
This whitepaper provides an outline of the benefits of working with an IT partner to ensure that your firm has a data back up infrastructure it can depend ...
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VMware sets sights on storage expansion for 2009
Search Storage - USA
VMware already offers snapshots of system state information, but leaves application and user data backup to third-party vendors. ...
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Mission Impossible: Restoring Exchange in 30 Seconds
Register - London,England,UK
A one-size-fits-all backup approach is no longer optimum for apps like Exchange and SQL Server which have become more complex with rising data volume. ...
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Carry your data wherever you go
By Pete
Online data backup is a popular way of protecting data for home and business users. Using online data backup service is very easy as it is very user friendly. You have to download a software program on your computer that runs in the ...
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Document Management Software
By admin
Doculex is announcing the release of Archive Studio WebSearch 4.1. New features to the content management software include SharePortal, which allows the knowledge user to securely share content and collaborate with third party ...
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I have a SimpleTech External hard drive. Three nights ago, all of ...
By Susan Keenan
The only thing that I find more frustrating than losing my data from my hard drive is to have a computer that won’t turn on. Fortunately for those of us who somehow seem to have the worst of luck when it comes to keeping our data right ...
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SafeEvault Increases the Data Storage Limit of its Remote Online ...
SafeEvault announces it has increased the size of its remote online data backup free trial from 2 GB to 300 GB of data storage. This free trial of its remote online data backup solution is aimed at small to mid-sized businesses which ...
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Course Announcement: Protect your data: back up to tape, disk and ...
Course Description: Learn the importance of backup to small and mid-sized businesses and how to design the right data protection solution for your organization.
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