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VMware Tries to Expand Throughout the Data Center
PC World - USA
... VMware Fault Tolerance, for ensuring transactions continue in the event of a server failure, and VMware Data Recovery, a basic backup and recovery tool. ...
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Seagate elbowing its way further into consumer backup market
VentureBeat - Fremont,CA,USA
Seagate knows that only about 11 percent of us actually back up our data. There used to be barriers, such as technological know-how or higher storage costs. ...
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Lenovo And Carbonite Strike Back-Up Deal
Smart House - Australia
... with online backup pre-installed. Studies show that users are more likely to switch PC brands if their computer crashes and they lose valuable data. ...
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Share your information using online data backup services
By Pete
Big companies all over the world generate massive quantities of data on a daily basis, which they can’t afford to lose. Online data backup services offer various features that can aid in the process, such as accessing information ...
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Video-to-DVD Conversion
By admin
Coptech Digital Inc., a female owned Digital/Offset Printer, CD, DVD and VHS duplicator, is now offering home video to DVD conversion services to customers in the greater Boston area. Customers who have home videos on any format can ...
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What is Online Data Storage
By Deepak(Deepak)
The other major advantage of online data storage is that of data backup. We all are aware of the susceptibility of a computer to crash in the even of a virus or other such alien forces. People often keep backups of their software, ...
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Backup — But Where To?
By dunamis
They allow you to not only backup several computers’ data into one location but also ability to share or retrieve files from that central area. You can also achieve a similar effect equipping an older computer with a large hard drive ...
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Data Backup Solution: Why You Need a Backup Plan in Place - Part 2
By admin
In the first part of this article series, I talked about the three main threats to the data on your computer. I talked about the need for a data backup solution that protects your data properly. In this article, I ll outline the most ...
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