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Lost Backup Data Highlights Information Security Risks - Surry Hills,NSW,Australia
... their details exposed during a data breach in February this year when unencrypted backup tapes were stolen from a van en route to a storage facility. ...
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West Coast Solutions Remote Data Backup Service !
By Jason - West Coast Solutions(Jason - West Coast Solutions)
Advantages of the Remote Data Backup Service ! Easier Backups are fully automated on a daily basis or on an frequency you require. You can automatically backup once a day or even more if required. This means you never have to get ...
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Samsung Ink Cartridge Lawsuit
By admin
Samsung is being accused of misleading consumers in its quest to sell as many costly and profitable toner cartridges as possible, according to a class action lawsuit filed this week. The company is being accused of programing its ...
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standing still… not!
By Chee Chang
we always hear this - back up your data, back up your data, back up your data… yada yada yada. repetition is the surest way to ensure that a message gets disregarded. so i was nearly made to pay for my complacence when i woke my mac and ...
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WinZip Professional v11
By soft master
WinZip Pro includes the WinZip Job Wizard, a powerful tool that offers predefined data backup jobs, the ability to customize and schedule zipping tasks, and FTP-upload functionality. And with WinZip Pro, you can zip and burn directly on ...
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Windows Live OneCare 2.0 (Up to 3 Users)
By admin
Backup and Restore regularly copies your important files and settings to CD, DVD, external hard disk, network drive, or other data-storage device. Instant Help provides online help anytime you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ...
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