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Ahsay Backup Software unleashes the FREE Edition
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Continuous Data ProtectionThe new version of Ahsay Backup Software is incorporated with the advanced Continuous Data Protection technology; ...
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AmeriVault Launches Accelerated Disaster Recovery Service For
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AmeriVault – a recognized leader in data protection managed services, including remote online data backup, offsite recovery services, email archiving, ...
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ExpressCard has solid state disk controller
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This also allows users to easily set up automatic daily, weekly or monthly data backup to user-specified folders. The product measures 90x34x5mm and weighs ...
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Free Remote Data Backup
By Frank J
Of course, local backup isn’t enough. To protect your data against fire, lightning, theft, or other disasters, you want to backup your data to a remote server over the Internet. Mozy Home offer affordable unlimited server space and ...
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Online data backup services guarantee data protection
By Martin
You can now eliminate the risks and trouble of tape backups through online data backup services. Online data backup offers reliable backup and recovery of data for your business. An online data backup service keeps your data very secure ...
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It's Data Backup Day!
By (Thomas MacEntee)
Today is Data Backup Day (this should be a habit for everyone to get into on the 1st of the month) and the topic is very appropriate given the status of Hurricane Gustave right now. I am keeping all those affected by the storm in my ...
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Xerox Equipment Awards
By admin
Xerox office products earned top recognition from numerous independent industry influencers. Buyer’s Laboratory Inc (BLI), a leading independent testing lab, recently honored Xerox Office products with three coveted “Pick of the Year” ...
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Online Backup
By Ben Ashley(John Solomon)
Online backup facility provides critical data back up and production for a very little cost. Easy usage with drag-drop facility and easy accessibility makes it far more advantageous than other ordinary storage sites. ...
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